Welcome to the website of the research project entitled Archaeological REsearch in the North Aegean (ARENA).

ARENA project collects and manages the scientific archaeological publications concerning ancient sites in the area of ​​the Aegean Thrace or northern Greece, from the time of the Greek Colonization to the end of the Hellenistic period (8th century-31 BC).

The project aims, coping with the challenges of a “scientific arena”, to provide interested researchers and the general public with the full corpus of bibliographical references related to the archaeology of Aegean Thrace.

The challenge of ARENA relates to the interdisciplinary approach with which it approaches its subject (in collaboration with archaeologists, philologists and IT experts) and the provision of tools and content that meet the needs of both scientists and general visitors to the area.

Thus, the project presents the gathered publications online with the help of digital tools that will provide an integrated perspective with spatio-temporal features. For specific sites, it also provides archaeological information (in Greek) in a comprehensible format for the general public and as educational content for the school community (Abdera, Philippi, Amphipoli, Olynthos, Dion).

You can register to ARENA by filling in the form available  in https://arena.athenarc.gr/register/